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Letting go of someone
Hello readers! Welcome to our blog. Trendphobia aims to enhance individuals' self-awareness, enabling them to make choices that contribute to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. One of the hardest choices that one can make in their life is to let go of someone they deeply love. It can be a daunting process to move on from such experiences. In this blog, we'll talk about why and when is it important to let go and how can one move forward.

The Feeling of Letting Go

To let go of someone that has been a longstanding presence in your life can be an agonizing experience. It feels as if an important part of your body has been forcibly torn away and you’re left to suffer without it. You are then left with the responsibility of tending to the wound and nursing it back to health entirely on your own.

Letting go, as much as it can feel like the walls are closing in on you, can set you free. By detaching ourselves from what holds us back or causes us pain, we create space for personal growth, new opportunities, and a renewed sense of self. It can be a transformative process that paves the way toward a life filled with contentment and fulfillment.

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Why is it so hard to let go?

The answer is Attachment.

Comfort in attachment
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As we dedicate more time to a person, invest more energy in them, and share more of ourselves, our attachment to them grows. We become comfortable in being ourselves around them. The comfort that we get in their presence develops a sense of security. When we have to let go of them, we feel robbed of this security.

Why let go?

When things are forced to stay or act against their will for long, they’re bound to set off in undesirable ways. Although there is a pain in letting go, holding on to someone who desires to be released brings about feelings of despair, guilt, loss, and irreparable damage.

“You only struggle because you’re ready to grow but aren’t willing to let go.”

Drew Gerald

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When to let go?

  • When staying or holding someone back hinders the growth of either person involved.
  • When there is more harm in staying than there is good in leaving.
  • When you have to make constant compromises to save the relationship.
  • When their presence starts to bring discomfort.
  • When there is no longer room for mutual understanding,
  • When the relationship begins to feel restrictive.
No mutual understanding between two people
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Sometimes, it might not make sense to let go of someone but trust your instincts. If something deep inside tells you that staying isn’t the best option, it’s usually good for everyone. Even if it doesn’t seem clear right away, things often become clearer when you look at the bigger picture later in life. So, listen to your gut and remember that letting go when you need to is a form of self-care as well as care for others.

How to let go and move on?


Accepting losing someone
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To move on from someone or the thought of someone, you have to first accept that not all people are meant to walk all seasons of your life with you forever. Moving on can be challenging, but it’s a fundamental part of life. Just as plants shed old leaves to make room for new ones and grow into trees, humans also need to let go of certain individuals and open their hearts to new connections to grow.

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Sometimes when someone leaves you despite your efforts to keep them close, you may develop feelings of resentment towards them. You might shift the blame and act as though you don’t care, but deep down, they occupy your thoughts and you genuinely care about them. In such situations, it’s important to foster gratitude for the time you shared with them. Reflect on the moments that brought joy and positivity into your lives, the love you experienced, and the valuable lessons you learned from them.

Express your emotions

Expressing your pain
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It is completely natural to experience pain following the loss of a person or a relationship. Letting go of someone you deeply loved and cared for requires immense courage, but it can also bring a lot of pain. It is important to find a healthy outlet for those emotions by acknowledging those emotions and expressing yourself in a way that helps you feel better.

Accept love is not a 50-50 trade

We often seek love and care from the same person to whom we offer it the most. When they are unable or unwilling to reciprocate, we may complain and experience a sense of being unloved. However, love is not a 50-50 trade, nor is it limited to specific sources. It can manifest in diverse forms and originate from various individuals. It is essential to learn to embrace love from wherever it may arise. Always be open to receiving love, even if you haven’t given it to that particular person or place before. If love comes your way, consider it as something you deserve and have earned.

Seek professional assistance

For certain individuals, navigating the emotions associated with separation can be incredibly challenging. If you find it overwhelming to handle everything on your own, there’s no shame in reaching out for assistance. Engaging in therapy is a viable option to receive the help and guidance you may need.

Numerous organizations and foundations like Vandrevalafoundation offer psychological helplines and free therapy services to individuals in need.

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