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Self care, in simple terms, means care for self. To look after oneself by doing things that would ensure your own safety, happiness and well-being.

Being attuned to our needs is very crucial for our growth in all areas of our life. Be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or social needs, making sure that these needs are met in a fulfilling manner is what self-care is about.

Let’s understand different forms of self-care and the ways in which you can practice few self-care habits.

Types of self-care and Ways to practice

Self-care can be of as many different forms as many different aspects in your life. But the most general forms of self-care are:


It includes all the rituals and practices you indulge in to be able to keep your body healthy.

  • Going for a run, doing yoga, going to gym or doing anything that keeps you physically active.
  • Eating a wholesome diet, avoiding processed food, eating mindfully.
  • Waking up early, going to bed early. Getting adequate amount of good quality sleep.


It is important to learn to channel our emotions in a way that gives us a better understanding of who we are and what are our needs.

  • Journaling may help you release the stress induced by unexpressed emotions on everyday basis. The guy behind your car honking continuously in the traffic, a random stranger being mean to you for no reason, someone cutting in the grocery line. All these small affairs that we encounter frequently can put us on a edge if remained unacknowledged. Journaling can be a therapeutic and harmless activity to take care of your emotions.
  • Communicating your needs with the people in your life keeps you safe from a lot of emotional damage. If they know what you want, people are more likely to respect your boundaries which plays a vital role in maintaining emotional stability.


Like our body, our minds need to be provided with great care. We must be conscious of what thoughts we immerse our minds in as it has a significant impact on the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

  • Indulging in activities that activates your brain and fills you with energy and enthusiasm. Steer clear of temporary pleasures that leaves you feeling sluggish or distressed.
  • Reading, learning new things, listening to informative podcasts, watching an inspiring ted talk, helps your mind to stay focused and driven.
  • Giving yourself enough breaks in between the working hours to feel rejuvenated again to boost your performance level.


Staying attuned to your inner self is one of the most important parts of self-care. It helps you navigate through different circumstances in life. You feel more content with yourself when you do things that actually aligns with your conscience.

  • Meditating everyday for 15 to 20 minutes to turn your focus inwards and simply observing your thoughts.
  • Being attentive to your instincts and gut feelings when making a decision.
  • Spending time in nature to reflect on your thoughts and to release any thoughts weighing your mind.


To feel connected with the people around us is an innate desire of human beings. Making efforts to reinforce your relationships with others is also an act of self-care.

  • Checking in with your loved ones regularly.
  • Listening to your partner’s/friend’s problems and opinions with an open mind.
  • Arranging dinners or get-togethers to have some fun time with close ones.
  • Being present in family events/ gatherings where your presence would be appreciated.

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