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The entire world seems to be continuously running and changing its form every single day. The things that were valued yesterday have lost their potency at present. Newly upgraded things have been developed to replace the old and rusty ones. Once treasured qualities or skills are no longer relevant. But this is not a fact that is hidden from us. It’s The Dilemma of Change. It seems to be an entirely natural consequence of constant advancement and evolution of the world.

However, this nature of ‘degradation of things’ makes one question the credibility of the path they are on. The awareness that “nothing lasts for long” can cause people to feel stressed. They find themselves entangled in several dilemmas pertaining to life goals.

The Dilemma of “not knowing what to do”

The dilemma of not knowing what to do is ubiquitous and unavoidable. “No one really knows what they’re doing.” It’s true. We are all in the same ocean trying not to drown and to keep our heads above the water. Some of us have mastered the art of swimming and some of us are still flapping our arms, kicking our legs to stay afloat.

I know some people make it look very easy and effortless. This life thing. Knowing exactly what they want to do, incredibly determined and passionate, got it all figured-out kind of people. But really, have they? Is it possible for anyone to map out their entire life and have everything happen to them as per their own will? That’s not possible! Not in the face of uncertainty of life. The person may be the most proficient swimmer, but the ocean is vast and enormously powerful. It holds the power to both engulf a man or wash him up onto the shore.

The solution: Pursue one thing at a time

The answer to not knowing what to do is doing what you know. Rehearse and repeat whatever it is that you enjoy doing, There must be one thing (an understatement, because I believe there is more than one) that you really enjoy doing. Some days will feel like you made a bad decision by choosing to do what you chose to do, but if at the end of the day it brings you joy and contentment, it’s not a bad decision. Remember, you’re going to have more losses than you’ll have victories. But it’s better to lose at something of your interest than to lose at something you already hate doing. Besides, if you get to do what you love, then everyday is a win, even on the days you lose.

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The Dilemma of “what if”

You want to start a new project. You have got all means to do it. You have the skills, the knowledge, resources but you still can’t bring yourself to do it. You think to yourself-

What if there is no scope in this five years from now? What if I am just wasting my time on this? What if this doesn’t lead me to where I want to go? What if there is no money in this field? What if.. what if..

All these what ifs creates a sense of hopelessness and confusion in our minds. We end up giving up on our dreams for fear of failure and resort to something more safe and secure, no matter how unfulfilling it may be.

The solution: Kill doubt with action

Suzy Kassem, an American writer and poet, writes in her book, Rise up and Salute the Sun , “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” Failure is not a sign of weakness, it is an evidence that you tried. So gather this evidence until you can. Put your best foot forward and take up whatever challenges you may have to encounter. You don’t want to be in your late 30s or 40s regretting that you never gave a shot at your dreams.

The Dilemma of “I want it all”

The world has so much to offer that it feels almost unfair that we can not have it all at once. Our desires are numerous but the resources and time is restricted to one place at a time. And that is the reason why we always have to lose something of value in order to gain something of value.

Sure, all things are important in life- family, career, friendships, solitude, money. And having the taste of all of the aforementioned things is possible by creating a little bit of balance. Wanting it all is not a dilemma here.

‘I want it all’ becomes a dilemma when we want two contrasting things to happen at once. When we want happiness without suffering, health without eating healthy, change without building new habits.

The solution: Changing your perspective

There are few things in life that don’t work on the principle of balance. It’s either all or nothing. The sacrifice is not a choice, it’s a prerequisite. But the sacrifice in such cases is not a bad thing. I mean, if it helps in creating the life that you want for yourself, then that isn’t really a sacrifice. It’s investment. A little bit of shift in perspective can change the way you perceive failures in life. It can help you build resilience and determination and make you stronger both physically and mentally.

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