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Having some time alone all by yourself is truly a privilege in the modern world. The modern world has all the means and devices to keep us connected with the entire world but with ourselves.

Solitude means spending some time alone away from everyone and everything in order to understand your body, mind and soul more deeply. Here, I have discussed how solitude can help you reconnect with yourself and create more awareness about the world within you.

Solitude helps you to

Communicate with yourself

Communication is the key to building and strengthening our relationships, whether its with others or with our own selves. Through expressing ourselves to others, we seek understanding and acceptance. This understanding and acceptance should first, come from within. It is only through spending time with yourself and listening to your mind that you become aware of the things that truly brings you joy and satisfaction. You also become more intentional in what you do as you gain a better understanding of what is right for you and what is not.

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Do something that feels ‘YOU’

Aside from using your phone for scrolling through instagram or watching your favorite show, solitude is the time to do something that makes you feel more in tune with yourself, that makes you feel ‘You’. Something that involves conscious movement of either your thoughts or any of your body parts. Anything that helps you be more expressive in your thoughts and emotions in a relaxed and peaceful manner. Everyone has got their own favorite expression- writing, painting, singing, walking, dancing and more. In solitude, one can utilize these expressions to feel grounded and centered.

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Improve Concentration

When you are in solitude, you become more aware of your thoughts, sensations and emotions. Due to minimized distractions in the surrounding, you become more observant and start to pay close attention to your own body and mind. This quality of focusing helps improve concentration in other aspects of your life as well. You become a good listener around other people, more productive at workplace and more present with your family and friends.

Neutralize the influence of others

Some people have a way to influence their behavior upon you. It’s so easy to be swayed by what they say or do that to escape their influence straightaway feels impossible. Yes, not everyone is a bad influence. Some of those people actually make an impact on us for good. But whether a good influence or a bad one, you need to ensure that whatever influence that enters in your life aligns with your ideologies and serves as a tool for your personal growth.

This is where solitude plays a very significant role. In solitude, through understanding your desires and goals in life, the power to shape ‘the person you want to become’ lies in your own hands. When alone with your thoughts, you make decisions that are in conformity with your own beliefs and not others. You can reject the unpleasant ideas that one may have influenced upon you and keep the ones that felt worth preserving. This way, you don’t let anything and anyone soak you up and neutralize their influence upon you.

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