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Hello readers! Welcome to our blog, Trendphobia. Trendphobia is an attempt to explore and understand different aspects of the world and human lives. Through our content, we seek to connect with others and build a community of people who strive to live a life of integrity and purpose.

In this blog, we are going to look into few things that you should practice to create a path towards a happy and content life.

1. Building self-control

With power comes the ability to control, but it is the opposite with our minds. When we learn to control our minds, we gain the power over our lives. It is through self-control, we become the master of our minds as we learn to tame our impulses and control our desires.

Today, with the easy availability and access of goods and services, we are prone to get addicted to things that are unhealthy for both our minds and bodies. And that is also the reason why it has become ever more important to build self-control and self-restraint so as to not become a slave to our temptations.

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Hugho Gernsback wrote in 1925 in his article on ‘The Isolator’- “Even if supreme quiet reigns, you are your own disturber practically fifty per cent. of the time.”

We may be in an environment with least distractions and yet we will continue to experience distractions that we tend to create for ourselves. Therefore, we must also learn to control ourselves from giving into these distractions and strive to stay focused by building self-control. This quality of self-control leads to improvement in many areas of life, paving the way to a happy and fuller life.

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2. Avoiding refined sugar

Processed food has become a part of people’s daily diet. All the processed food, from bread and breakfast cereals to snacks and soft drinks, all contain added sugar. Consumption of refined sugar in excessive amounts is one of the leading causes of several medical conditions like obesity, acne, depression, heart diseases and cancer. By limiting the consumption of sugar, you can choose to live a happy and healthy life.

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Avoiding refined sugar is not only a great choice for your keeping physical health in check but also your mental health. Along with reducing the risk of severe health problems, cutting down on the intake of sugar can also significantly increase your energy levels. The more energized you are, the more active your brain will be. You will be able to able to focus more deeply and for much longer which can result in increased productivity levels.

With better productivity, you are able to reach great heights of achievements. These achievements bring joy and satisfaction and inspiration to do more.

3. Spending more time with your thoughts

Truly, the journey to understand the world begins with self. When you spend alone time with your thoughts, you tend to become more self-aware. You reflect on your present situations in life, your past actions, their consequences and everything that you experience. This helps you gain a better perspective about a variety of things in life. Your decisions are likely to be well thought-out and judgments clear. With a clear mind, you can lead a life free from guilt, chaos and turmoil.

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When you prefer your own company over others, you are less likely to be affected by other people’s opinions and behaviors. You spend less time worrying about what other people expect from you and more time considering what is right for you. You learn to be happy and content by yourself and do not blame others for your happiness or sorrows.

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4. Minimalistic approach to life

Possession of too many things not only brings unnecessary clutter in your house but also your life.  When we own something, we tend to get attached to it. With attachment comes the stress to care for it. We stress about all these things being lost, damaged or stolen. The things that add little to no value in our lives tend to take so much space in our thoughts. Moreover, the more things we surround ourselves with, more distractions we create for ourselves.

Less physical clutter = Less mental clutter (Image by Freepik)

There is nothing wrong in owning things that bring you joy and happiness or that make life easier. But we should be intentional about what we buy and should try not to grow too attached to our materialistic possessions. Materialistic things do not buy us permanent satisfaction, they merely inflate our desire to have more. Being minimal in your choices can go a long way towards leading a happy and content life.

5. Connecting with Nature

Spend time in nature (Image by freepik)

Nature holds incredible potential to heal. Walking on green grass, basking in the morning sun, gardening, touching the soil, sitting near a lake, going for a hike in the mountains. All these activities have a very sedative effect on our body and mind. Being in nature boosts our mood by relieving stress and anxiety. When we feel mentally calm and refreshed, we tend to be physically active. Connecting with nature can help us in maintaining this correlation between mental and physical health. Studies have shown that people who spend more time in nature are healthier, happier, more content and less likely to get sick as compared to people who spend time indoors.

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6. Accepting things as they come

More often than not, things don’t go as planned and there’s no way you can change them. There are always going to be external forces which you can neither ignore nor control. In those situations, it is best to accept those changes, accept that things didn’t fall in your favor. It is through acceptance only that we learn to embrace change. And through acceptance only that we learn to let go. When we learn to accept things or people as they are, we don’t try to change them. We let them be in the same form as we found them. We understand that our energy and efforts to change something beyond our control will go in vain.

It is better to direct your energy and efforts into something worthwhile- your own mindset. Changing your perspective towards a situation, for example, can completely change how you feel about it. You can choose to be stressed about it or you can choose to accept and make peace with it!

7. Not trying to please others

If you spend most of your life trying to please others, you will never be happy. You will always let others influence your behavior. Your decisions will never be completely yours. You will never truly be free. It does not feel good to be “a bad person” in other people’s eyes. Therefore, you try to do things as per their convenience. But the truth is, no matter how much you try, you are always going to be a bad person in someone’s story. There is no way you can please everyone at the same time. There will always be someone whom you will let down and that’s okay.

Everyone will have a different opinion of you ( Image by freepik)

We can not let other people’s opinions about us hold us back from being our true selves. We get to make our own choices and sometimes those choices could mean hurting someone. That’s okay! Always choose to value your growth, happiness and peace over other people’s opinions.

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