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Hello readers! Welcome to our blog, Trendphobia, which aims to inspire its readers to create an ideal lifestyle for themselves. In today’s blog post, we will delve into one of the key things required to build a happy and healthy mindset: Acceptance.

It is in no way, a delightful experience to swallow a pill that is bitter and disgusting in taste. Although it plays a crucial role in our health recovery, even a small degree of mental preparation is necessary to overcome the discomfort and take the pill. Immediately afterward, we seek to wash away the lingering taste with water. The harsh reality is like a bitter pill- unpleasant, challenging to handle, and something we want to get over as quickly as possible.

But just as the bitter pill is necessary for improving our physical well-being, acknowledging and accepting reality is crucial for enhancing our mental and emotional health.

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Accept the existence of imperfection

embrace the imperfections

Acceptance does not at all imply that you should settle for just about anything and not make any effort to change your situation. Acceptance has the opposite effect. When you embrace reality, you acknowledge things as they are, without dwelling on what they could have been or should be. Instead of obsessing over imperfections, you recognize and embrace the existence of flaws in both things and life. You understand that denying reality won’t make your problems disappear; it would only magnify them in the future.

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Why do we deny the reality instead of accepting it?

The reason why we deny the reality of certain situations is because it makes us uneasy. It puts us in a position of discomfort, pain, agony, or embarrassment. Therefore, we try to avoid the situation altogether to suppress the feelings of pain or resentment as much as possible.

Suppressing emotions causes irrevocable damage

However suppressed, these feelings continue to rise and build when they are not tended. Sooner or later, the pent-up emotions explode abruptly causing irrevocable damage to ourselves and the people involved.

Acceptance involves Surrendering

To surrender does not mean giving up

When we accept things for what they are, we surrender ourselves to the situation. To surrender doesn’t mean to give up and suffer at the hands of the harshness of reality. It simply means that you are not willing to fight situations that can not be changed. If the situation is out of your control, there is no point in beating yourself up about it and going to extremes to change it. You would rather preserve your energy and fortitude for something worth managing.


The process of healing begins with acceptance

Healing begins with acceptance

Is it possible for a doctor to prescribe medication without diagnosing their patients? To prescribe an appropriate treatment, the doctor must first identify the disease. Similarly, to recover from emotional and mental wounds, we must acknowledge the circumstances that caused them. Acceptance is the initial step in the healing journey. Unless and until we accept the complexity of a situation, we will never be able to get out of it. We must learn to accept the aspects that can not be altered and make peace with its rigid nature. This helps in avoiding pointless exertion and saves us from unnecessary damage.

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Acceptance makes us Resilient

Once we acquire the ability to accept things as they are, the distinction between good and bad situations diminishes significantly. The line between them becomes blurred. We comprehend that a situation is labeled as good or bad based on our reactions to it. Throughout this process, we recognize that we may not have control over the situation itself, but we do have control over how we respond to it. Gradually, we approach any situation with patience and a calm mindset.

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People who don’t cultivate acceptance often engage in fierce battles with uncontrollable situations. They exert tremendous effort, and when they fail, they lose all hopes to start all over again. On the other hand, people who learn to accept, stay resilient even during tough times. They understand that regardless of the present circumstances, situations are transient and bound to change.

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