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Hey readers! Welcome to Trendphobia travel blogs. Join me on an incredible journey through Himachal as I discover the power of special rocks. From a village high up in the mountains to exploring Africa, this is the story of how these rocks changed my life. This blog is for everyone, even kids would love to learn about the magic that exists in our world.

Rocking Adventures: Exploring Komic Village and Its Precious Gift

In the beautiful village of Komic, nestled in the mountains, I had an amazing adventure. The people there gave me special Rocks in gift that made me feel incredibly happy.

Cool Fossils: Discovering the Mystery of Ammonites

While exploring the forests near Komic, I stumbled upon some fascinating rocks called Ammonites. These ancient fossils are like snail shells, but way cooler! They have been around for a really long time and hold many secrets.

Transformative Village Vibes: Komic’s Superpowers

In Komic, I experienced something truly magical. The village had a special energy that made me feel different and made me think about important things in my life. It was a place of transformation and wonder.

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Becoming a Rock Expert: Unveiling the Healing Powers

I embarked on a journey to become an expert in energy healing using rocks. I learned that rocks have amazing powers to make us feel better and heal our bodies and minds. They are like nature’s own healers!

Shiny Rock Treasures: The Amazing Clear Quartz

During a fun mountain trek, I discovered some shiny rocks called Clear Quartz. These beautiful crystals are like superheroes among rocks! They have incredible power and can make everything clearer in our lives.

The Secret Code of Ammonites: Pathways to Discovery

Ammonites hold a secret code inside them. It’s like a special message meant only for the person who finds them. They can guide us and help us discover our unique path in life. They are like magical compasses!

Guided by Rock Wisdom: Clear Quartz Lighting the Way

Clear Quartz is a rock with incredible wisdom. It became my best friend and helped me understand things better. It gave me energy and showed me the way forward. It’s like having a super-powered rock companion!

Magic Moments: The Wonders of Surprises and Good Luck

Sometimes, the universe sends us surprises and good luck. It’s like having a secret helper. The Ammonites and Clear Quartz were part of the universe’s plan to guide me on my journey. They made me believe in the magic of life!

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Living the Dream: Adventures in Africa and Sharing Love

I embarked on an incredible adventure to South Africa and East Africa. Climbing Mount Kenya all by myself was like living a dream! Along the way, I shared special dream catchers made of rocks, spreading love and positive energy to the people I met.

Gratitude and Energy Exchange: Giving Back with Rocks


I felt so loved during my travels that I wanted to give back. I shared my special dream catchers, made with rocks, to spread positive energy and show gratitude for all the kindness I received. It’s amazing how rocks can connect us and bring joy to others!

Following My True Path: Guided by Rock Wisdom

With the help of Ammonites and Clear Quartz, I discovered my true path in life. They guided me and made me feel like I had a special purpose. Rocks can be our companions on the journey of self-discovery!


As I finish sharing my rocking adventures with you, I hope you see that rocks hold magic and wonder. They have the power to transform our lives and guide us on extraordinary journeys. Remember to embrace the magic of rocks and let them inspire you to explore the world with a sense of wonder and curiosity!

Thanks for reading.

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