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Hello readers! Welcome to Trendphobia travel blogs. Let me tell you about my exciting adventure through Himachal, a place with beautiful mountains and tribes. I visited the highest village called Komic in Spiti. The people there were really nice and asked if I wanted special stones called Ammonites. They found them high up in the forests. I said yes because I felt a connection to them. Something amazing happened when I got those rocks. Being in Komic village changed my life. I didn’t know why I wanted those stones at first, but later I learned they were very special.

The Mysterious Ammonites

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The Ammonites are ancient stones that have a secret power. They can help you find your special path in life. When I started learning about crystal healing, I discovered that the Ammonites had a code inside them that matched with my soul’s path. It was like they knew me! These rocks are really magical and unique.

Clear Quartz, the Master Crystal

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Before I even knew about crystal healing, I went on a trek to the Great Himalayan National Park. Guess what? I found special stones there too! They were called Clear Quartz crystals. These crystals are like the masters of all crystals. They have incredible energy and can help you grow spiritually. It was amazing to find them high up in the mountains.

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The Universe’s Help

Looking back at these incredible experiences, I believe that everything happened for a reason. The universe guided me to those special rocks. They wanted to show me my soul’s path and help me become a better person. It may sound strange, but sometimes the most magical moments are the ones that don’t make sense when we try to explain them. We just need to pay attention and trust that the universe is there to help us.

Spreading Love and Energy

During another adventure in Africa, I had a chance to give something special to the people I met. I shared dream catchers made with special crystals called Iktomi. These crystals are filled with good energy and can help make dreams come true. In return, the people I met gave me so much love and kindness. It’s amazing how sharing positive energy can bring so much joy and happiness.


My journey through Himachal was full of magic and kindness. The special rocks, Ammonites and Clear Quartz crystals, helped me discover my soul’s path and grow spiritually. Even though it might be hard to understand, these experiences taught me that the universe is always there to guide us. And when we share love and positive energy with others, incredible things can happen. So, let’s remember to be open to the magic around us and spread kindness wherever we go.

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