Tue. Jul 16th, 2024
Voter Information: How to Find Your Name in Electoral Roll

As the upcoming elections draw near, the Election Commission (EC) has taken proactive steps to streamline the voter registration process and enhance accessibility for citizens. With the launch of a user-friendly online portal, voters can now easily find their names in the electoral roll, along with crucial polling station details and dates.

To avail of this service, individuals simply need to visit the elections24.eci.gov.in website and navigate to the “Search Your Name In Electoral Roll” section. From there, users can choose their preferred search criteria, whether it be personal details, EPIC (Electors Photo Identity Card) number, or mobile number. This innovative initiative is designed to empower citizens by providing them with the necessary tools to verify their registration status and locate their designated polling station effortlessly.

By harnessing the power of digital technology, the EC aims to facilitate voter participation and uphold the integrity of the electoral process. By offering a transparent and efficient platform for citizens to access vital electoral information online, the EC is fostering greater transparency and accountability in the democratic process.

As citizens embrace this convenient and user-friendly tool, the EC remains committed to promoting a fair, inclusive, and democratic electoral system that empowers every eligible voter to exercise their fundamental right to vote. Through continuous innovation and modernization efforts, the EC endeavors to strengthen the foundations of democracy and ensure free and fair elections for all.

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