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I will not get into too many details, but each of these places is an absolute gem

Talkadu, Karnataka

This is a hidden treasure of Karnataka. Not a well-known spot for most travellers, this is a strange and small mysterious town on the bank of RIver Kaveri. The beautiful archaeological remnants of the Chola Dynasty are either buried under billions of tonnes of sand or halfway excavated out.

Located approximately 120 km from Bangalore, it is only accessible by road and has only two places to stay overnight. Shivasamudram waterfall is just a few miles away and can be visited along too.

Lambasinghi in Araku

Up until 2012, Lambasinghi was safe from the private eyes of travellers due to the substantial Naxalite activities. But as of 2020, it is an actual treasure cove. A beautiful hilltop tribal town, Lambasinghi is the only place in the Southern Penisula of India that receives snowfall.

Tajangi reservoir and Kothapalli waterfall aside, winter camping is a great experience to try there.

About 120 km from Vishakhapatnam, it is a steep upward climb by road to reach Lammasinghi. Between Nov and January, the temperature can reach 0 degrees here.

PS- Sanitation is a big issue. The nearest public washroom was over 40 km away (at least up until 2017.) So make sure to prepare accordingly. Lammasinghi resort has only 9 rooms, so booking ahead of time through Andra Tourism was needed before.

Haflong in Assam

One of my best friends was from this stunning town. A fourth-generation Afghani Pathan, they have one of the oldest stone Pre-British era mansions that overlook the Chachar Hills. It is a place unlike any other. She was the one who made me explore this stunner and, I cannot stop recommending it ever.

Northeastern India is already a complete mindblowing tourism treasure that most of us fail to explore. Haflong is still untouched which makes it a definite unparallel beauty.

Jatinga or the Mysterious Bird Suicide town is just a few km south of Haflong

Vedang in Uttarakhand

This is one place that has hardly any Google or Wikipedia cover. Located 4 km from the ITPB Base Camp at the base of Himalayan Darma Valley is a completed isolated Black Sand lake which is at the elevation of 4000 meters above sea level, Vedang Lake.

The trek to this lake requires a bit of hiking experience and stamina for sure but the shockingly beautiful gorges, cliffs, lake, and snow-laden peaks on route the 14 km long trek from Dantu is worth it all.

The 5 peaks of Panchachuli is best visible from Dantu. Almora of Pithoragarh District is the nearest city at a distance of 200 km approximately. From there you can take a cab to the Dantu and then start your trek uphill.

Yarcaud in Tamil Nadu

A beautiful and serene hill station in Tamil Nadu, Yarcaud is famous for its coffee plantations and orange orchard. Picturesque and definitely underrated, it is often overshadowed by its nemesis Ooty, the Queen of Nilgiris.

Minus the huge tourism of Ooty, it is a very serene and explore a worthy destination if you really want to enjoy nature in its true glory. the winding roads through tall trees and plantations is a joy to drive through.

Bishnupur in West Bengal

Kolkata and Darjeeling are the iconic hotspots for tourists worldwide, however, one true gem that many have no idea about is Bishnupur. Rich in historical remnants and archaeological prizes, this small medieval-era city has a lot to see and explore.

The stunning terracotta artworks with intricate details of the 15th century is unique to only this tiny city and cannot be found elsewhere. Underrated and lowkey, this is a place filled with history, architectural marvels, and beautiful scenery. Joypur forest of Bishnupur is lush green mini heaven that many forget to explore when in Bishnupur.

Located in Bankura District, 130 km from Kolkata, it is easily accessible by Train, Bus, or cab. It is best to avoid summer months as Bankura is known to get very hot and humid between April and August.

Kolar in Karnataka

This is a legendary place that I can speak on and on and on. Home to one of the oldest gold mines of Asia, Klar Gold Field, this district is a total stunner for many reasons.

The Kolar Expressway is a highway that’s truly a bikers paradise to drive on. The bolder hills all around give it a mysterious vibe. From Hyder Ali’s birthplace in Budi Kota to Sita’s place of exile with her sons Luv and Kush in Avani, there is a lot of hidden gems to see here.

Kaigal Waterfall, Kotilingeshwar, Kolar Mine, Antar gange, Bangaru Tirupati, etc are a must explore worthy spots here

PS – The blockbuster film KGF does not show any reality.

Deshnoke in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is all about a few hotspots like Jaipur, Jaiselmer, Udaipur, and Jodhpur. Once in awhile Bikaner and Ranthambore are included in the tour planner.

Around 30 km from Bikaner is a small town that many may have heard of but never would want to visit. Deshnoke is a town that definitely should be in the bucket list of any travel enthusiast who has a tour planned for Rajasthan.

The only interesting fact about this sleepy town is the Karni Mata Temple that is the home to over 30,000 rats. this village has no records of Plague or any rat borne disease despite the fact that humans and rats feed on the same milk given as “Charanamrit”.

The rats slithering over your legs and hands is a weird and scary experience, but they neither harm humans nor are infectious. Experiencing something like this first hand is not an everyday travel story.

Karwar in Karnataka

One of my personal favourite courtesy of an old friend. I love Karwar as much as I hate Goa( Overcrowding and overtourism has spoiled the heritage and old beauty of Goa today). Karwar is also called a Poor man’s Goa by many but I don’t think that’s true.

The beautiful and almost population and pollution-free beaches of Karwar are perfect for hindrance free and cheaper water sports. However, that’s just the start.

Forts, Lighthouses, hill peaks, temples, fishing villages, this small city has it all. If you really want to enjoy Portuguese cuisines mixed with a touch of Goanese, Kannadiga, and Marathi influence, Karwar is the place to explore. Murudeshwar is just 90 minutes drive from Karwar and worth exploring too.

Kuchaman in Rajasthan

Kuchaman is another hidden treasure and least travelled destination of Rajasthan. Located in Nagaur District, it is about 60 km from the holy city of Ajmer. From opulent fortresses and Mahals to beautiful bazaars and the Sambhar Salt Lake, this is a hidden paradise of Rajasthan.

PS – Kuchaman Fort, Jal Mahal, Shesh Mahal, etc have been a part of numerous scenic film shoots.

Dambuk in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is a true beauty and often explored by genuine travel enthusiasts worldwide. However, tourism is limited to a few places like Dhirang, Tawang, Balukpong, Diomali, Mechuka, and recently Ziro.

Dambuk is famous among the locals for the Orange Festival and one of the most unique and beautiful Music Festivals. Known as the Orange festival of Music, it is a very different experience.

The greenery around and the laid back pollution-free lifestyle of Dambuk deserves true appreciation. The Orange Festival is held in the month of December and January. Dambuk is located 180 km from Dibrugarh, Assam and accessible by road.

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