Sun. May 19th, 2024
Shekhar Kapur Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Anecdote from 'Mr India' Cockroach Scene with Sridevi

In a candid revelation, director Shekhar Kapur shared a humorous anecdote about filming the iconic cockroach scene in the classic Bollywood film ‘Mr India’, starring the legendary actress Sridevi. Kapur shed light on the creative brainstorming process behind bringing the scene to life during an interview with Daily Post.

Reflecting on the challenges of directing a scene involving a cockroach, Kapur humorously recounted, “We were thinking how to get… cockroach to act?” The director then unveiled the unconventional solution they devised, stating, “We poured… bit (of Old Monk rum) in front of… cockroach… We thought it will drink and act.”

Kapur’s witty approach to coaxing a performance out of the insect led to an unexpected turn of events. “We actually felt like… cockroach had gotten drunk… Maybe the cockroach liked Old Monk?” he quipped, highlighting the amusing and unconventional methods employed on set.

The director’s anecdote offers a glimpse into the innovative and sometimes whimsical methods employed by filmmakers to achieve desired effects. Despite the challenges, Kapur’s ingenuity and willingness to experiment ultimately contributed to the memorable portrayal of the scene.

The cockroach scene in ‘Mr India’ remains etched in the memories of audiences, thanks to the seamless integration of creativity and humor. Kapur’s behind-the-scenes revelation adds an extra layer of intrigue to the beloved film, showcasing the collaborative and inventive spirit that defines cinematic storytelling.

As fans continue to cherish the timeless charm of ‘Mr India’, Shekhar Kapur’s anecdote serves as a delightful reminder of the magic that unfolds behind the camera. In the realm of filmmaking, it is often the unexpected moments and unconventional approaches that yield the most memorable results.

In conclusion, Shekhar Kapur’s humorous recounting of the cockroach scene from ‘Mr India’ offers a lighthearted peek into the creative process, reaffirming the film’s status as a beloved classic cherished by audiences of all generations.


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