Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Following a landslide victory in the Russian Election, Putin’s statement on NATO personnel in Ukraine came amidst heightened tensions. His February 2022 invasion of Ukraine ignited significant conflict across Europe.

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin cautioned the West that a direct clash between Russia and the US-led NATO military coalition would dangerously bring the planet to the brink of World War Three. However, he emphasized that few desired such a catastrophic scenario.

The Ukraine war has triggered the deepest crisis in Moscow’s relations with the West since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Putin, while warning against nuclear war, asserts no need for nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

French President Emmanuel Macron recently stated the possibility of deploying ground troops in Ukraine. Western nations show hesitancy, while some Eastern European countries offer support for such actions.

Putin warns Russia-NATO conflict escalates, World War 3 imminent.
Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo: PTI)

In response to Reuters’ inquiry regarding Macron’s remarks and the potential conflict between Russia and NATO, Putin casually remarked, “everything is possible in the modern world.”

Putin, following his historic victory, emphasized to reporters that any escalation to a full-scale conflict between Russia and NATO would dangerously approach World War III, a scenario few desire.

Putin also highlighted the presence of NATO military personnel in Ukraine, noting the use of English and French languages on the battlefield.

 He expressed concern for their well-being, stating that their involvement results in significant casualties to them.

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