Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

My friend Sushil Chaudhry also known as birth_of_earth on Instagram, recently went on a journey to Pari Taal. He told us all about his adventure when he returned to Delhi. Pari Taal, also known as the “lake of fairies,” is located about 2 kilometers from Chanfi and takes about half an hour to reach. The lake is situated in the forest, and its name comes from a fascinating story.

According to legend, in the old times, logs of wood were transported from the river to Kathgodam, a place used as a Godown for wood. Before putting the logs in the water, a ritual involving the sacrifice of an animal was performed to ensure a safe journey for the logs. However, one contractor refused to perform the ritual, and as a result, around 5000 logs disappeared in the water. When the contractor realized his mistake, he performed the ritual and asked for forgiveness.

Miraculously, all the missing logs appeared from this lake and people saw fairies coming out of the water. To this day, the lake is considered auspicious, and people refrain from taking a dip here. However, the depth of the lake is still unknown.

We were also curious about the local food shops in the area, and Sushil informed us that there were some shops near the lake where we could find some delicious local delicacies. He suggested trying out the momos and the piping hot chai, which were simply divine.

If you want to visit Pari Taal, you can take a bus from Delhi. You should take a bus to Haldwani or Kathgodam, and from there, you can take a taxi to Chanfi. From Chanfi, it’s only a short distance to Pari Taal. But be prepared for a thrilling and somewhat spooky experience!

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