Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Are you planning a trip to Shimla from Delhi? Buckle up, because you’re in for a ride! The journey to Shimla is not only scenic but also full of surprises, from bumpy roads to unexpected detours. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this guide that will help you navigate the fun-filled journey to Shimla.

Pack Light (or Get a Donkey) 😛

First things first, pack light! The roads to Shimla are not exactly smooth sailing, and you don’t want to be lugging around a heavy suitcase. Plus, you might need to carry your luggage up a few flights of stairs if you’re staying in one of the quaint guesthouses in Shimla. But if you insist on bringing everything but the kitchen sink, consider hiring a donkey to help you carry your load. Just make sure to negotiate a fair price with the donkey, they can be quite stubborn when it comes to money.

Hire a Driver (or a Daredevil)

Next, you’ll need a driver to take you to Shimla. But not just any driver, you need someone who can handle the treacherous mountain roads like a pro. Look for a driver who has experience navigating hairpin turns and steep inclines, or if you’re feeling adventurous, hire a daredevil who can make the journey a rollercoaster ride. Just make sure you’ve got a strong stomach and a willingness to scream your lungs out.

Stock Up on Snacks (and Dramamine)

The journey to Shimla can take anywhere from 6 to 10 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions. That’s a long time to be cooped up in a car, so make sure you stock up on snacks and drinks to keep you fueled and hydrated. But beware, the winding roads can be nauseating, so pack some Dramamine just in case. And if you’re lucky, your driver might even stop at one of the roadside dhabas (restaurants) for some delicious parathas and chai.

Embrace the Traffic Jams (and the Horns)

Finally, brace yourself for the traffic jams and the constant honking. The roads to Shimla are narrow and winding, and there are often long lines of cars and trucks crawling up the mountain. But don’t let that get you down, use this time to bond with your fellow travelers, or just sit back and enjoy the stunning views. And remember, the horns are not meant to annoy you, they’re just a way of communicating on the roads. So feel free to honk back, it’s all part of the fun.

Conclusion: You Made It! (Sort of)

Congratulations, you made it to Shimla! Okay, maybe you’re not quite there yet, but you’re close enough. The journey to Shimla is not for the faint of heart, but it’s definitely worth it. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the cool mountain air. And who knows, maybe you’ll even spot a monkey or two on the way!

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