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Champa Gali Saket, a less-explored, hidden, and quirky street in South Delhi, is continuously developing and gaining popularity not only for its delicious food cafes but also for its Parisian alleys and colourful twisted setting. The area has a rustic old-world charm and is a mix of tiny cafeterias, coffee shops, art galleries, and organic souvenir shops. In this blog post, we will explore the history of Champa Gali, how to reach there and 10 famous cafes that you should try out.

History of Champa Gali

The restaurants/cafes of Champa Gali have Khasra No 258 as their address. Earlier, Champa Gali was known as Khasra No 258. It was a home to cow shades and furniture workshops, but it has now been transformed into a Parisian passage and the venue for live music, poetry evenings, and book launches, making it an ultimate spot on the city’s culinary and cultural map. The owner of Champa Gali is Mr. Sailesh Mehta, who was a neighbor of Kuldeep Singh, a 52-year-old bus driver and contractor being sought out by many suave, an English-speaking entrepreneur, all aspire to rent a piece of land he owns in Saidulajab village in South Delhi. Mr. Mehta used to visit Champa Gali and liked it a lot. After convincing Kuldeep Singh, whom he used to call “tau”, he rented the land. A few months later, he opened up a café that had a Goan feel and named it Morellos and became a part of the Champa Gali establishments. Mr. Singh is unaware of how his Khasra came to be known as Champa Gali, but at the same time, happy that Saidulajab, the Yadav-dominated village, is rapidly evolving.

How to Reach Champa Gali?

If you are planning to visit Champa Gali by metro, get down at Saket metro station, which is on the yellow line and exit from Gate No. 2. You can take an auto or rickshaw or walk from there to reach Champa Gali. If you are planning to come by your own vehicle, you can park it near the Saket metro station itself. However, it is recommended not to come by own vehicles as parking can be a problem.

Restaurants in Champa Gali (Champa Gali Cafes)

Here are 10 of the best cafes in Champa Gali that you should give a try!

  1. Baari: This cafe has a natural setup with colorful fences, swing chairs, and greenery. It has a chill blue and green ambience that makes it perfect for a date with friends. The cafe serves meals for around Rs. 500.
  2. Jugmug Thela: This cafe has a unique vibe and is famous for its masala chai. It has a cozy atmosphere, and visitors can try out banana cake, pesto sandwich, hot chocolate, and pizza. It also has a good collection of books.
  3. Pho King: This Asian cafe has a Greek-inspired decor with white and blue tones, floral arrangements, and outdoor seating. It serves Vietnamese Pho, mutton chelo kababs, dumplings, and bubble tea. Visitors can enjoy live music as well.
  4. The Nerdy Indian Cafe: This cafe has a homely and cozy atmosphere, with glass walls that showcase a high bookshelf. The cafe has a colorful roof, blue interiors, and books. Visitors can try the Mar-gyi-rita Pizza, sandwich, and Dan Brown’s Brownie Sundae.
  5. Soho Bistro & Cafe: This cafe has outdoor seating and serves Bombay Maska Sandwich, Shakshuka, Waffles, and more. Visitors can also enjoy their coffee and other beverages.
  6. Cilantro Cafe: This cafe serves a range of dishes, including Italian, Lebanese, and Indian. Visitors can enjoy their food in a cozy ambience with an outdoor seating option.
  7. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters: This cafe serves fresh coffee made from the beans that are roasted in-house. Visitors can try their coffee and snacks while sitting in the beautiful courtyard.
  8. Getafix Cafe: This cafe serves delicious sandwiches, salads, and crepes. Visitors can enjoy their food in a beautiful outdoor setting.
  9. The Pasta Bowl Company: As the name suggests, this cafe serves a range of pasta dishes, including Aglio Olio, Pesto, and Arrabbiata. Visitors can enjoy their food in a cozy atmosphere with an outdoor seating option.
  10. Sweet Nothings by Avanti Mathur: This cafe serves delicious cakes, pastries, and other baked goods. Visitors can enjoy their sweets in a cozy ambience with an outdoor seating option.

In conclusion, Champa Gali in Saket, Delhi is a hidden gem for foodies, art enthusiasts, and culture aficionados. The quirky and colorful street, which was once a cow shade and furniture workshop, has been transformed into a Parisian-style alley, filled with tiny cafes, coffee shops, art galleries, and organic souvenir shops. With its rustic old-world charm, Champa Gali has become a popular destination for people looking for an offbeat and unique experience in Delhi. From Baari, Jugmug Thela, Pho King, to Soho Bistro & Cafe, the street has some of the most famous and must-visit cafes in the city. Whether it’s a date with your best friend or some much-needed me-time, Champa Gali has something for everyone. So, if you’re looking to explore a lesser-known and quaint side of Delhi, Champa Gali is definitely worth a visit.

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