Sun. May 19th, 2024

Here are my top 5 YouTubers that I absolutely adore. These YouTubers inspire me to live a happier and healthier and better life. Over the past 2 to 3 years, these creators have been my constant mentors and I think you should also follow these YouTube Channels in 2023 for positivity and inspiration.

1. Lana Blakely

With over 1.30 million subscribers, Lana Blakely is a full-time YouTuber. She has been one of my top favorite creators on YouTube for more than 3 years now. In her videos, Lana shares her personal thoughts and experiences in a way that offers fresh perspective on topics relating to society, love, career, friendship, passion and more. Her awe-inspiring videos are always a comfort to watch giving you the much needed reassurance and hope.

2. Valspire Family

Valspire Family is a channel handled by a 26-year old American boy named Aidan Gallagher. Aidan’s videos are a documentation of his life and his learnings. Watching his videos gives you a feeling as if you’re watching a dreamy and romantic movie. That’s how cinematically good his videos are! Through his travel experiences and adventures, Aidan wants himself and others to aspire to chase their dreams and live life with valor and that’s what “Valspire” means.

3. Thewizardliz

If you are looking for some hard-headed life changing advice, you need to watch Thewizardliz. Lize Dzjabrailova is an American-YouTuber and has over 2 million subscribers. Despite the average quality of videos with very less editing, she has managed to garner quite an audience in less than a time period of 2 years. Creating visually appealing videos may not be her strong suite, but her no-nonsense advice is sure to make you think about your decisions in life. Her videos span a variety of personal development and lifestyle-upgrading topics.

4. Leah’s Fieldnotes

Leah Wei is a 23-year old social media influencer. Her YouTube channel Leah’s Fieldnotes has over 800K subscribers. Leah Wei’s videos are visually attractive and very well-curated. She takes her viewers on her journey of self-discovery by filming her day-to-day life and also promotes slow living. Her videos have a soft and serene vibes to them. Her YouTube playlist has an impressive array of videos ranging from travel, fashion, recipes, language to vlogs and life-talk.

5. Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal, a former doctor, has over 4 million subscribers on YouTuber. His videos focus on offering ‘evidence-based strategies and tools’ that one can apply in day to day activities to boost their productivity. Through his thorough research, Ali explores practical and efficient approaches to live a happier and healthier life and breaks it down for the viewers in an uncomplicated and comprehensible manner. If you’re looking for effective tips and strategies for tremendous change in the way you operate, you may want to check out his videos.

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